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How about black tableware in Japan?

a tea pot & tea cups If I’m not mistaken, black tableware is not so popular in the West as in the East.  In Japan, it is very common since it makes food look colorful and tasty.  The great tea master Sen no Rikyu really loved black, … Continue reading

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Sukiyaki is a popular home cooking on a special occasion such as one’s birthday and celebration.  The main ingredients are slices of beef, onions, tofu, nappa cabbage and mushrooms.  Sukiyaki was a symbol for Japan’s modernization and Westernization after the feudal ages ended in 1868 (Samurai’s … Continue reading

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551 HORAI, a restaurant in Osaka

If you walk around Osaka, especially Shinosaka station, you may see people carrying a paper bag with the logo ‘551 HORAI’.  551 HORAI is an Osaka-based restaurant chain.  Its ‘Butaman’ is very famous and makes a good souvenir for both local people and tourists.  Butaman is a … Continue reading

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Japanese often say ‘Toriaezu beer!’

In Japan, summer is a beer season.  Its consumption sharply rises in summer.  Because we think it could cool down our body.  So I was so surprised to see many Americans enjoying beer outdoors on a freezing cold day while watching an NFL game.  A friend of mine (non-Japanese) said … Continue reading

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Strangely named sports drink ‘POCARI SWEAT’

In summer, we need to supplement the water lost by perspiration.  ‘POCARI SWEAT’ is a long selling sports drink in Japan.  It says it is close to human body fluid.  That’s why the beverage has the name including ‘sweat’.  ‘Pocari’ is not Japanese.  No one … Continue reading

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Calorie Mate, a strangely named cookie

Japanese tend to think English is always cool!  We don’t care so much about what an English word exactly means or even misspelling. This product’s name may sound scary for native English speakers who are on a diet.  It is a long-seller in Japan.  ‘Calorie Mate’ is cookie bars containing … Continue reading

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Natto, a recommendable food if you want to be a hero.

This is ‘natto’, a must food for the Japanese-style breakfast.  As you can see, it doesn’t look great.  It is sticky and smells bad, too.  But many Japanese love it.  Actually, this is always one of the foods Japanese miss the most in foreign … Continue reading

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