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Asagao, morning glory

Asagao, morning-glory is a typical summer flower here.  Japanese sweets served at a tea ceremony usually represent the season.  Asagao is often used as a summer theme for the sweets. The flowers open only in the morning and close in the afternoon.  Now elementary students often grow this flower … Continue reading

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raccoon dog pottery doll

A raccoon dog pottery doll is often seen in Japan along with beckoning cat dolls.  You could find one or two in a private home’s garden or other places. This doll originates from Shigaraki, a famous pottery town in Shiga prefecture.  It became popular all over … Continue reading

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Strangely named sports drink ‘POCARI SWEAT’

In summer, we need to supplement the water lost by perspiration.  ‘POCARI SWEAT’ is a long selling sports drink in Japan.  It says it is close to human body fluid.  That’s why the beverage has the name including ‘sweat’.  ‘Pocari’ is not Japanese.  No one … Continue reading

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Shogun, Ieyasu’s message

Ieyasu Tokugawa is one of the most important historical figures in Japan.  He was the first Shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate.  He came to power in 1603.  Until then Samurai families had been fighting each other to expand their territories … Continue reading

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Calorie Mate, a strangely named cookie

Japanese tend to think English is always cool!  We don’t care so much about what an English word exactly means or even misspelling. This product’s name may sound scary for native English speakers who are on a diet.  It is a long-seller in Japan.  ‘Calorie Mate’ is cookie bars containing … Continue reading

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Purification fountain in a Shinto shrine

In Meiji shrine In Hiyoshi great shrine  It’s June!  Japanese usually think that summer starts this month.  As students’ uniforms and businessmen’s suits usually change from the dark winter version to the bright summer version on June 1, the streets are filled with a summer … Continue reading

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Hiyoshi shrine in Shiga prefecture

Hiyoshi taisha shrine in Shiga prefecture is the head shrine of about 3800 shrines named ‘Hiyoshi shrine’, ‘Hie shrine’ and ‘Sanno shrine’ throughout Japan.  The big compound is lush and green.  It was established about 2100 years ago.  This shrine is located north-east of Kyoto.  … Continue reading

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