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trivia of iPS cells and professor Yamanaka

from Yahoo images Last week the news that professor Shinya Yamanaka has won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine pleased the whole Japanese.  He is the 19th Japanese Nobel prize winner.  Unlike other winners excluding a politician and novelists he had … Continue reading

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What is this strange-looking food made from sea weed?

This is called ‘mozuku su’ or mozuku vinegar.  Mozuku is a type of sea weed.  This is a common food at ‘Izakaya’, Japanese-style taverns and at family’s tables. Japanese like to eat sea weed.  Especially, wakame sea weed makes a typical miso soup ingredient.  A sheet of nori sea weed is always … Continue reading

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Purification fountain in a Shinto shrine

In Meiji shrine In Hiyoshi great shrine  It’s June!  Japanese usually think that summer starts this month.  As students’ uniforms and businessmen’s suits usually change from the dark winter version to the bright summer version on June 1, the streets are filled with a summer … Continue reading

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Desperate for ‘beauty white’

With cherry blossoms, the season of UV rays has finally come.  It’s time that Japanese women started to take steps for anti-sunburn. ‘Bihaku’ which literally means ‘beauty white’ is a big key word for Japanese women.  Fashion magazines always feature ‘how to … Continue reading

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Pasmo & Suica & money talk

I was so surprised to know that only 3 percent of all transactions in Sweden are made by cash.  It is almost a cashless economy. But Japan is moving to the cashless society, too.  In fact, the number of 1 yen coins, 5 yen coins and 50 … Continue reading

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The first anniversary of March 11 earthquake and tsunami. What’s going on in post-disaster Japan?

A paper crane traditionary represents a prayer for recovery… Today we had the first anniversary of massive earthquakes and tsunami which struck Tohoku region. Roughly speaking, Japanese are divided into two groups now about where to go after the disaster.  One example is there is a group that … Continue reading

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March 3rd is girl’s day or the doll festival

(from Yahoo image http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/jinya/11-3mori301125.html) March 3rd is girl’s day.  ‘Hina-dolls’ are displayed in girl’s families on this day.  The dolls represent emperor, empress and their court.  People celebrate thier daughter’s healthy growth and hope they will grow to be as gracious as the imperial … Continue reading

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