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Why are there many vending machines in Japan?

Vending machines can be found anywhere in Japan. Most beverage vending machines sell green tea, water, coffee, energy drinks and other soft drinks like cola.  Some vending machines speak.  It’s like ‘Good morning.  Start a wonderful day with a drink.  Take care!’  It is the … Continue reading

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Calorie Mate, a strangely named cookie

Japanese tend to think English is always cool!  We don’t care so much about what an English word exactly means or even misspelling. This product’s name may sound scary for native English speakers who are on a diet.  It is a long-seller in Japan.  ‘Calorie Mate’ is cookie bars containing … Continue reading

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Pasmo & Suica & money talk

I was so surprised to know that only 3 percent of all transactions in Sweden are made by cash.  It is almost a cashless economy. But Japan is moving to the cashless society, too.  In fact, the number of 1 yen coins, 5 yen coins and 50 … Continue reading

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