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Kawaii (cute) boosts your concentration!

Japanese researchers found ‘kawaii’, cute things can boost your concentration.  After people saw pretty images such as baby animals, many of them made a little better performance in the experiments.  They said that people who see something pretty want to see it more carefully.  That’s … Continue reading

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My Neighbor Totoro

‘My Neighbor Totoro’ is one of the most popular Hayao Miyazaki films.  The movie was released in Japan in 1988.  Wow, it was more than 20 years ago.  But then it was not successful in terms of the box office at all.  Next year it was broadcasted on … Continue reading

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Pipo-kun, the mascot character of Tokyo metropolitan police department

The sign says ‘Don’t jaywalk’ Japan is a superpower of ‘strange creatures’.  You could see characters and mascots anywhere. The picture above is one of them.  In Japan, there are many PR mascot characters.  Metropolitan police department also has one.  That was born 25 … Continue reading

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March 17th is the comic magazine day

Comic magazines named ‘Weekly Shonen Sunday’ and ‘Weekly Shonen magazine’ began on this day of the year 1959 in Japan.  These two are still published every week.    My favorite anime ‘Case Closed’ or ‘Detective Conan’ is from ‘Weekly Sunday’.  Speaking of ‘Conan’, I first … Continue reading

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Takeshita street in Harajuku

Takeshita street is always packed with young people and tourists.  Especially, many youngsters in unique clothes and costumes can be found here.  In Japan where the word ‘unique’ does not have a positive meaning, this place is special.  It makes sense … Continue reading

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Mikan, mandarin orange and cats

Mikan, a mandarin orange is the most popular winter fruit in Japan.  Its skin can be removed by hand very easily.  We often keep them in a basket on a dining table or coffee table so that we can eat anytime we … Continue reading

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What’s this road sign?

Japan has many picture signs anywhere.  Some are pretty.  Some may look funny or nonsense. The pictures below are serious signs.  Guess what?  They are often found at residential areas.  The signs are warning to drivers to watch out for children who may run … Continue reading

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