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Japanese eat a sushi roll in a bold way on Feb 3!

Setsubun is the day before the first day of spring according to the lunar calendar. Setsubun falls on February the 3rd in 2013. There are some traditional practices to be done on the occasion. One of the popular practices is … Continue reading

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The new year resolution of 2013. Try to praise your husband.

‘Akemashite Omedeto’, ‘Happy new year’ is our routine expression at the beginning of January.  2013 is ‘the year of the serpent’.  Have you made a new year resolution yet?  How about trying to praise your partner this year? It is said that a seminar to teach how … Continue reading

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trivia of iPS cells and professor Yamanaka

from Yahoo images Last week the news that professor Shinya Yamanaka has won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine pleased the whole Japanese.  He is the 19th Japanese Nobel prize winner.  Unlike other winners excluding a politician and novelists he had … Continue reading

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Kawaii (cute) boosts your concentration!

Japanese researchers found ‘kawaii’, cute things can boost your concentration.  After people saw pretty images such as baby animals, many of them made a little better performance in the experiments.  They said that people who see something pretty want to see it more carefully.  That’s … Continue reading

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Japanese often say ‘Toriaezu beer!’

In Japan, summer is a beer season.  Its consumption sharply rises in summer.  Because we think it could cool down our body.  So I was so surprised to see many Americans enjoying beer outdoors on a freezing cold day while watching an NFL game.  A friend of mine (non-Japanese) said … Continue reading

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Desperate for ‘beauty white’

With cherry blossoms, the season of UV rays has finally come.  It’s time that Japanese women started to take steps for anti-sunburn. ‘Bihaku’ which literally means ‘beauty white’ is a big key word for Japanese women.  Fashion magazines always feature ‘how to … Continue reading

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The first anniversary of March 11 earthquake and tsunami. What’s going on in post-disaster Japan?

A paper crane traditionary represents a prayer for recovery… Today we had the first anniversary of massive earthquakes and tsunami which struck Tohoku region. Roughly speaking, Japanese are divided into two groups now about where to go after the disaster.  One example is there is a group that … Continue reading

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