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Kakigori (shaved ice), popular summer sweet

This summer is abnormally hot. Although after the week of ‘Obon’ (three-day Buddhist holidays on August 13, 14 and 15) Japanese usually start to feel the summer ending and a little sad, this summer is too hot for them to … Continue reading

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‘Takoyaki’ is dumplings with a piece of octopus. It is a very popular food in Japan and the famous specialty of Osaka. The combination of thick sauce and bonito flakes is awesome. However, you need to be careful when you … Continue reading

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Finally Mt.Fuji got newly listed as a World Heritage Site

Now Japan is celebrating this news with the festive mood. As for this decision, there was an additional pleasant surprise for us. That’s ‘Miho pine grove’ was accepted as a part of Mt.Fuji-related cultural assets. ICOMOS(International Council on Monuments and … Continue reading

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Canned coffee

I am not a coffee person. So I can’t talk about coffee. However, I have seen several times that foreigners didn’t expect much first and finally got so impressed by coffee available from street vending machines. There are a variety … Continue reading

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Dotonbori, Osaka

Dotonbori is the entertainment area with many restaurants and bars around Dotonbori river. This is a very lively and famous tourist spot of Osaka. Shops and restaurants have prominent signs to stand out. Thanks to those signs, Dotonbori is like … Continue reading

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artistic manhole cover 3

You can come across nice manhole covers on Japan’s streets.  Those covers often represent regional appeal. Otsu city, Shiga This mh cover shows the city’s attraction ‘lake Biwa’, the largest lake in Japan. Osaka city It shows ‘Osaka castle’ and Osaka prefecture’s flower ‘cherry blossoms’ … Continue reading

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Today is the climax of cherry blossoms in Tokyo

It got warm very suddenly this year 2013.  Until two weeks ago it was very cold and temperature was less than 10 degrees Celsius.  Japan usually has a spring slowly with the combination of three cold days and four warm days.  … Continue reading

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