Finally Mt.Fuji got newly listed as a World Heritage Site

Now Japan is celebrating this news with the festive mood. As for this decision, there was an additional pleasant surprise for us. That’s ‘Miho pine grove’ was accepted as a part of Mt.Fuji-related cultural assets.
ICOMOS(International Council on Monuments and Sites) had decided that it wouldn’t recommend this site for the World Heritage Committee. They said the biggest reason was its distance. Miho Pine Grove is about 45km away from Mt.Fuji.
However, in the session of the committee, many committee members supported this site saying it is indispensable to the value of Mt.Fuji. Actually, this place has given inspiration to many artists as a part of Mt.Fuji. But since influential ICOMOS didn’t say ‘YES’, most Japanese didn’t expect much about its registration.
Some newspapers call this happy news ‘a grand slam in the bottom of the nineth inning’.
Now we are grateful for the committee members’ great support and understanding of its value.

Click here to read a post about ‘Miho pine grove’



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