Mont Blanc, not that Alps mountain but a cake

Mont Blanc is one of the most popular cakes in Japan along with strawberry short-cake and cheese cake.  It is so popular that it is available not only in cake shops but also convenience stores.


This blown cream is chestnut puree.  Since the shape is like that famous mountain, it’s named Mont Blanc.  Sugar powder on the top represents snow, of course.  The combination of soft moist sponge cake and chestnut cream is awesome!

Japanese pastry chefs have made a big success overseas.  For example, Sadaharu Aoki is  famous in France.  Also, in Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie (Pasrty world Cup) held every two years, Japan has had victory twice.  Although the competition has been held twelve times, only France and  Japan won more than once.  (In the 2012 competition, the Japanese team won.)  You can taste sweets by one of the champion chefs, Masaki Okazaki in Grand hyatt Tokyo of Roppongi Hills.

The Western-style sweets in Japan will satisfy you who have a sweet tooth!


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