The new year resolution of 2013. Try to praise your husband.

‘Akemashite Omedeto’, ‘Happy new year’ is our routine expression at the beginning of January.  2013 is ‘the year of the serpent’.

写真 Have you made a new year resolution yet?  How about trying to praise your partner this year?

It is said that a seminar to teach how to praise your husband has been popular in Japan recently.  While Western people often make a compliment as a means of smooth communication, Japanese are not good at giving nice comments to others, especially to their partners.  This tendency shows in such Japanese famous expressions as ‘You won’t feed bait to a fish you have caught’ and ‘A and UN breathing’ which means an unspoken understanding.

According to the seminar, negative words can be translated into positive as following.

You always forget things soon!→You are very easygoing.

You are a very stay-at-home man!→It is a nice proof that you don’t cheat on me.

You are too big!→You have a presence.

You smell bad!→You are masculine.

Why don’t you share household chores or look after our children?→You trust me, don’t you?

Funny advice…


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