Kuonji temple in Yamanashi. Why are such long steps?

Kuonji is the top temple of the Buddhist ‘Nichiren’ school.

 After the entrance gate there are three routes to get to the main buildings.  A little tough Otoko-zaka (male slope), easy Onna-zaka (female slope) and thrilling steep steps.

Big steps are a familiar thing at temples and shrines of Japan.  But this stairs are special.  When you turn around and look down, your legs would freeze afraid of the height.

This has 287 steps with the height of 104 meters.  The reason why religious places here often have long stairs is said that you can prepare to meet deities with a clear mind.  Certainly, while walking up steep steps, any worldly thought would disappear and the focus would be placed only on your steps.  Moreover, this would give you a sense of achievement!


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