‘Iron chef’ is back

The American version of ‘Iron chef’ is watched in more than 80 countries.  And finally, The original Japanese ‘Iron chef’ has returned in the birthplace of the program.  This is for the first time in this 13 years.  I love its music from the movie ‘backdraft’.  Very thrilling!

New iron chefs are below…

Jun Kurogi(Japanese cuisine): His restaurant ‘Kurogi‘ is said to be one of the most difficult restaurants to make a reservation in Tokyo.

Yuji Wakiya(Chinese): He was named as ‘Contemporary Master Craftsman’ by the  government in 2010.  He has four restaurants in Tokyo including ‘Turandot‘.

Yosuke Suga(French): He is the young head chef of ‘L’atelier de Joel Robuchon Roppongi Hills’.

Harumafuji, a new Yokozuna (Sumo grand champion) was one of the judges.  It was impressive that he lost his words and ate Wakiya’s food with avidity.


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