How about black tableware in Japan?

a tea pot & tea cups

If I’m not mistaken, black tableware is not so popular in the West as in the East.  In Japan, it is very common since it makes food look colorful and tasty.  The great tea master Sen no Rikyu really loved black, too.  He thought that green tea in a black tea-cup is a perfect color combination.  After all, he was disliked by a ruler at that time who loved gaudy and was ordered to do ritual suicide ‘seppuku’ or ‘harakiri’.

miso soup bowls

Black colored cups and dishes look elegant and get along with most ingredients.  Why don’t you try?

Tokyo kappabashi Dougu Street has a lot of tableware and kitchen utensil shops.   It is a recommendable spot not only for shopping but strolling around.


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