Kawaii (cute) boosts your concentration!

Japanese researchers found ‘kawaii’, cute things can boost your concentration.  After people saw pretty images such as baby animals, many of them made a little better performance in the experiments.  They said that people who see something pretty want to see it more carefully.  That’s why their concentration could rise.

this always makes me smile and may increase my concentration

In Japan, the word ‘kawaii’ could be a familiar but best word to praise someone or something.  You would hear the word many times from not only teenagers but also senior women!  The other day, a very young friend of mine gave me a small doll.  She says it has caught on in her elementary school because of its looks.  The doll is expressed ‘kimo-kawaii’, the composite word which means ‘ugly and cute’.  Almost everything can be described as a type of ‘kawaii’ here.

kimo-kawaii ^^


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