Yakushiji temple, a temple with many beautiful Buddhist statues

Yakushi-ji temple, a UNESCO world heritage site is located in Nara prefecture.  This temple was established by Emperor Temmu about 1350 years ago.  Emperor Temmu is one of the most famous powerful emperors whom Japanese always learn in school.  Most emperors have been a boss in name only through the Japanese history.  But Temmu had the absolute power of administration.  They say that he was the first king who used the title ‘Tenno’, ’emperor’ in English.

This is a large temple complex.  Its East tower (now under refurbish, a photo above is the West tower) is famous for the expression ‘its beauty is like frozen music’.  Also the temple has many wonderful Buddhist statues.  Those are mostly designated as national treasures.  You can see Indian and Chinese influences from them and this place was the final stop on the Silk Road.

(a photo from Wikipedia)

Some people say ‘these Buddhas are so sexy’!  This temple is a must for Buddhist figure fans.

Yakushi-ji temple sometimes offers a venue for concerts.  When I visited, many chairs were being set up for a rock performance held at night like the picture above.  A live performance against a Buddhist hall with beautiful statues is fantastic.


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  1. ykhm8 says:

    Nice pictures and nice captions!
    And your selections are very interesting!
    This site must help travelers to make happy memories.

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