Curry rice, a Japanese national food

When you hear a word ‘curry’, Indian curry would come to mind.  That curry has developed into the Japanese style and ‘curry rice’ or ‘curry & rice’ is a national food for Japanese.  It is one of the most popular dishes especially in home cooking.  We eat it much more than sushi or tempura at home.  Many people use curry blocks like below.  A variety of brands are available at grocery stores.

This below is a long seller named ‘Vermont curry’.  The maker says ‘this block contains apples and honey which are popular with people in Vermont as healthy foods.’  That’s why it is ‘Vermont curry’.  Umm…  Anyway, thanks to this product, many Japanese know the name of an American state.

If you use the curry cube, you can cook Japanese style curry very easily.  And almost all the ingredients are fine.  You may find the products at a nearby supermarket.  Please give it a try.


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2 Responses to Curry rice, a Japanese national food

  1. sybaritica says:

    I used to have a cookbook entitled ‘Great Dishes of the World’ (or something like that). Each page featured a different dish and the country of ‘origin’ was noted at the top of the page… The page for ‘Beef Curry’ said ‘England/India’ 🙂

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