Japanese often say ‘Toriaezu beer!’

In Japan, summer is a beer season.  Its consumption sharply rises in summer.  Because we think it could cool down our body.  So I was so surprised to see many Americans enjoying beer outdoors on a freezing cold day while watching an NFL game.  A friend of mine (non-Japanese) said that they think it warms up their body.  I was amazed with the culture gap.

Japanese often use the term ‘Toriaezu beer’ which means ‘Let’s begin with beer’ when they order drinks in restaurants or start a party.  Beer is like a symbol to create a fun or relaxing mood and stop formality.  It may be surprising but it is more a popular alcoholic beverage than Japanese sake.  The picture below shows Japanese famous brands (Suntory, Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo).  My favorite one is Asahi.

Low malt beer has been very popular in the past decades because they are cheaper than regular beer and thanks to makers’ effort, the taste is similar to all malt ones.  I can’t tell the difference.


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