a humid humid hot summer has come

It has been so hot and humid in Japan since last week.  It won’t be long before the Meteorological agency announces that this year’s rainy season is over.  After this announcement, Japan has a real summer.  Summer usually lasts from mid-July through August.  During this time, temperature reaches 35-40 degrees in Tokyo.  Japan’s summer is characterized by its humidity.  It’s like a mist sauna (good for your skin!).  So even in the shaded places, you wouldn’t feel cool or comfortable.

My cat has been suffering from the summer heat already.

By the way, the government is asking people to save energy and turn down the air conditioner due to the lack of power after the nuclear crisis in Fukushima.  Instead, you would see many uchiwa, round flat fans are distributed among people on the streets.  It means you can cool down with this fan instead of an air conditioner.  They are useful.  Some uchiwa has a cooling effect with its design like below.

 It’s cool, isn’t it!?

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