Golden week is beginning this Saturday

We have a vacation mood already these days.  ‘Golden week’ is a holiday studded week from April 29th through May 5th.  The week has four national holidays: Showa day (late emperor Hirohito’s birthday), Constitution day, Green day and Children’s day.

Japan has 15 national holidays.  This figure is the largest in developed countries.  It may sound strange in terms of our ‘workaholic’ image.  But this has a reason.  Japanese workers can take at least 10 paid holidays in a year.  (This is against the ILO standard.  According to ILO, workers must be given at least 15 paid holidays annually.)  But many people hesitate to use their right fully.  Because they are afraid that their absence could trouble their coworkers and business customers.  Taking it into account, the government  established many national holidays.

During the golden week, any place is crowded with vacationers and the travel cost is higher than usual.  As a result, workers who go out for family service could often be more exhausted.  If you are thinking of traveling to Japan, you should avoid this period.


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