Cafeteria-style ‘udon’ restaurant

Japanese staple food has long been ‘rice’.  But now many people like foods made from wheat more than rice.  ‘Udon’ is one of those foods really loved by Japanese.  Udon is white thick noodles made from wheat flour.

In the past decade, cafeteria-style udon restaurants have been popular.   You take what you want from the wide selection of toppings and side dishes, and order the type of udon right before the register.  The price would be very cheap (less than 500 yen)!

This time I went to one of the biggest chains ‘Hanamaru udon’ and chose vegetable tempura and half-boiled egg as a topping.  The type of udon was ‘kake (simple hot udon) chu (medium size)’.  For your information, ‘dai’ means large and ‘sho’ means small in Japanese.

‘Hanamaru udon’ is a Kagawa based restaurant chain.  This prefecture is famous as its udon.  So it calls itself ‘udon prefecture’ these days to appeal to people outside.

★★  udon is a recommendable food 🙂


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