Desperate for ‘beauty white’

With cherry blossoms, the season of UV rays has finally come.  It’s time that Japanese women started to take steps for anti-sunburn.

‘Bihaku’ which literally means ‘beauty white’ is a big key word for Japanese women.  Fashion magazines always feature ‘how to get bihaku’ and showcase good whitening products.

To keep white or pale (it’s a positive word for us!) such items as a hat, a parasol, sunglasses, and long gloves are used.  The woman fully fortified with these items  look strange.  Anyway, I was surprised that Western people like to get a tan in summer because the bronze skin is the proof that they have enjoyed their summer vacation.  It is an interesting culture gap!

(from yahoo images)

As I often go out and walk outside, I should give up on ‘beauty white’.  But I am still trying a variety of whitening facial creams one by one.

This is my favorite brightening cream named ‘HAKU’ (white) from Shiseido


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