Pipo-kun, the mascot character of Tokyo metropolitan police department

The sign says ‘Don’t jaywalk’

Japan is a superpower of ‘strange creatures’.  You could see characters and mascots anywhere. The picture above is one of them.  In Japan, there are many PR mascot characters.  Metropolitan police department also has one.  That was born 25 years ago (the birth date is 17 April 1987.  There’ll be a special event to celebrate its 25th birthday soon.) to have people feel closer to the department.

The mascot is named ‘Pipo’.  It is the composite word of ‘people’ and ‘police’.  I am not sure if this has helped people like the police.  But the orange imaginary creature draws much attention, while walking in Tokyo.  Moreover, Pipo-kun is very lovely!  The soft dolls often appear casually in TV detective dramas whose setting is Tokyo metropolitan police.  When I spot them, I am glad.

The website of ‘pipo-kun’


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