The first anniversary of March 11 earthquake and tsunami. What’s going on in post-disaster Japan?

A paper crane traditionary represents a prayer for recovery…

Today we had the first anniversary of massive earthquakes and tsunami which struck Tohoku region.

Roughly speaking, Japanese are divided into two groups now about where to go after the disaster.  One example is there is a group that refuses everything from Tohoku.  Now debris of the region is a big issue.  The disaster created tons of rubble.  But even now only 6% has been cleared.   There is still so much in the area, which is interrupting the work for recovery.  But other areas of the country are reluctant to help to burn and clear it.  Because some local residents are dead set against it afraid of that the rubble was contaminated by radioactive materials.  Apparently, they act like it is somebody else’s problem.  On the other hand, there are people who are upset those people and willing to accept it to support the disaster-hit areas.

Another example is about nuclear energy.  One group really wants to abolish nuclear energy.  The Fukushima incident made us realize how risky nuclear power plants are especially in the earthquake-prone land.  But there is still a big group that insists on it.  They say that the supply of energy will be very tight without it.  The lack of energy will have a big bad effect not only on the Japanese industry but our economy and daily lives.

Now all we need is common sense and resolution.  It is probably impossible to satisfy everyone to deal with these difficult problems..


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