Fortune-telling is popular in Japan


(from Yahoo images:

These days a famous comedian’s scandal is reported everyday in Japan.  They say that she is controlled and exploited by a fortune-teller living with her.  Now she is cutting contact with the outer world and almost bankrupt.  Finally she was filed a suit against for accumulated house payments.

I wonder if fortune-telling is as common abroad as in Japan.  Fortune telling is popular here.  Many shopping places have fortune tellers’ chambers.  Famous ones are called ‘mother’ or ‘father’ and customers line up to see them.  On the other hand, counseling is not so common in Japan.  Also, we are often not so serious about a specific religion. Therefore, people with some trouble may depend on fortune-telling instead of them.

After her scandal, TV often features something about fortune-telling.  I got trivia there.  Hitler made decisions following his fortune-teller during World War 2.  What did Britain do to fight against Nazis?  It hired a fortune-teller, too  Can you believe that??


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