A Japanese company is planning to construct the space elevator in 2050

宇宙から見た地球 壁紙 - The Earth WALLPAPER

(from Yahoo image http://www.wallpaperlink.com/bin/0602/02008.html)

Obayashi corporation, a major Japanese construction company released the statement that they will construct the space elevator in 2050.  This is a company which built ‘Tokyo Sky Tree’,  the world’s tallest tower that will open as the new attraction of Tokyo this coming May.

The biggest problem about this plan is to construct the cable of the lift.  But carbon nano tube which was discovered by a Japanese researcher in 1991 will help.   It is very flexible, light and hard.  But the technology to solidify this material has not been developed yet.

Obayashi says if the cable of carbon nano tube is developed, they can start their plan at once.  The lift will carry 30 people to the space station about 36000 kilometers above in 7 days.

The space flight sounds scary.  But I want to try this space elevator.


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