February 23rd is Mr.Fuji day

Mr.Fuji is called ‘Fu-ji-san’ in Japanese.  2-2-3 can be pronounced Fu-ji-san, too.  That’s why February 23 is Mt. Fuji day.  Japanese like this kind of word play:)

Now Japan has 16 UNESCO world heritage sites.  But Mt. Fuji, maybe the most famous Japanese symbol is not included there.  Now both prefectures of Shizuoka and Yamanashi where Mt.Fuji is placed and the Japanese government are promoting the campaign to get the mountain listed as a world cultural heritage site.

Mt.Fuji has been regarded as the biggest spiritual spot for Japanese.  Even now many people naturally press their palms together when they see the mountain.  It has kept energizing us all the time.  UNESCO is going to announce in summer 2013 if they list Mr.Fuji as the world heritage site or not.  We really want to hear good news.


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