February 20 is ‘Kabuki day’

Kabuki is the traditional stage play of Japan.  It is characterized by the stage performed only by male actors.  But it was a woman named Okuni who started kabuki.

Okuni performed in front of the first Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu and regional lords on this day in 1607 for the first time.  That’s why February 20 is ‘Kabuki day’.

Kabuki was performed by her group of only women at the earlier stage.  But Shogunnate eventually banned women from appearing on the kabuki stage because female roles were played by courtesans later.

By the way, you can tell the main characters’ personality by their makeup.  Red makeup is used for a hero.  Black or blue makeup is for evil characters.  White is used for a gentle person.  There is no connection, maybe.  But kabuki makeup reminds me of an American rock band ‘KISS‘.

歌舞伎の顔the makeup to represent a bad guy  (from yahoo images)

The dramatic makeup, gorgeous costumes, unique movements of actors and elaborate stage-sets will appeal to the eye.


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