The women give chocolate to the men on February 14th

February 14th is Valentine’s day in Japan, too.  But our way of doing Valentine’s day is quite different from other places.

In Japan the women give chocolate to the men on this day.  It is often said that this practice was promoted by Morozoff, a confectionary maker that was founded by a Russian Mr. Morozoff (he may be the most popular Russian name in Japan.)  They tried to switch things around then.  Because they thought Japanese men were too shy to buy a chocolate for women.

Now, many shops, supermarkets and department stores are working hard to boost this event.  Especially, most department stores have a big chocolate fair in which famous chocolate makers and patissiers around the world open a booth.

TV said that about 60% of young women make a chocolate gift by themselves.   But I love to try chocolates from a famous shop.  This year I chose the French chocolate brand ‘Frederic Cassel’ for my husband.  It is once a year chance to enjoy expensive chocolates!

They will end up going to my mouth.  Luckily, he will be satisfied with only a piece of chocolate.


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