Earthquake Disaster Control Center

Shizuoka where I’m living now has been believed to have a massive earthquake and tsunami even tomorrow for many years.  So it is one of the prefectures that are best prepared for the disaster in Japan.  I visited Earthquake disaster control center Shizuoka runs.

After a shocking video of 3.11 earthquake and tsunami, we tried ‘6 upper level earthquake’ by a simulator.  ‘6 upper’ is the second strongest level of seismic intensity.  It was very scary and we couldn’t keep standing without holding a rail.

Next, we had a fire prevention training.  It is the most popular attraction among foreign visitors here.

How to use a fire extinguisher is simple 3 steps.  1. pull a yellow pin.  2. hold a hose.  3. grip the lever.  Use it about 2 meters away from the fire.

Fastening furniture and other things is very important.  Because many people are crushed to death in the earthquake.  A piano can be a deadly weapon.  You never put it in your bedroom.

In the picture above you can see most things are safe even after a level 7 earthquake when prevention measures are done.  A massive earthquake send TV, books and other objects flying.


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