Japanese still love Tokyo tower

With the height of 333 meters, Tokyo tower was once the tallest tower in the world.  It was  built in 1958 modeled on Eiffel tower.  Since then it has been working both as a broadcasting tower and a symbol of Tokyo.

But many other taller buildings have mushroomed and made this tower less outstanding.  Moreover, the new world’s highest broadcasting tower ‘Tokyo sky tree’ will open this May.  Then, what will happen to Tokyo tower??

Don’t worry.  Tokyoites still love it.  According to a survey, many people think they can pay about 9000 yen more as a monthly rent to live in a house with a view of Tokyo tower, while about 7000 yen more for Tokyo sky tree.  The survey says many Tokyoites answered that they are proud of Tokyo sky tree but love Tokyo tower still more.

I do not know how the poll will be after the new tower opens to the public this spring.  But I want to vote for Tokyo tower next year, too!  Because of this charming mismatch below.

★★★ personally, accessing from Daimon station is recommendable


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