Imperial palace


This is one of the main attractions in the tour of the Imperial palace, Double bridge.  Many tourists always take pictures here.  Why is this called ‘Double bridge’?  Because there is another bridge over there.

Across the bridge is the main gate to the Imperial palace.  The gate is open to the public twice a year.  One is January 2, the other is the emperor’s birthday on Dec 23rd.  The Imperial family appears on the balcony and exchanges greeting with the public then.

Imperial palace was originally the residence of Tokugawa shogun family until the last shogun stepped down by himself in 1868.  The residence almost burned down to ashes because of fires, earthquakes and air strikes during World War 2.  But you can still feel Japanese traditions, both the Imperial family and Tokugawa shogun here.

The Imperial palace is pretty close to Tokyo station.  It is about 10 minutes away on foot.  Also, it is placed right next to Marunouchi business district (the biggest business center in Japan) as you can see in the picture below.

Precisely, visitors can’t enter the Imperial palace but its plaza.  But this plaza is spacious and dotted with some relics including a beautiful Japanese-style garden.  It is nice to walk around.

 I hope you would enjoy very interesting combination of this historical site and the modern Marunouchi district.

★★★ a must visit!!


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