December 1st is the princess Aiko’s birthday and…

(the Crown prince family from google images)

December 1 is the birthday of princess Aiko.  Princess Aiko is the only daughter of Japanese Crown Prince.  She becomes 10-years-old today.  Every year her growth and how she is doing is reported on TV news on this day.

Also December 1 is a special day for me.  It’s our marriage anniversary.  It was all by chance.  But we got married on the same date as her birth.  So this year is the 10th anniversary of our marriage.

When the princess was born, we thought that 12.1 may be the national holiday in the future.  In Japan the emperor’s birthday is a national holiday.  (The present emperor’s birthday is December 23rd.)  She was likely to become a female emperor at the time.  (Of course the Imperial household law needed to be revised so that she can ascend the throne.  Because the law doesn’t admit the female emperor.)  But later Prince Hisahito was born in the Prince Akishinomiya family and the talk about the reform of the law freezed.  However, to keep the Imperial system stable the revision of the law should be discussed  .

Anyway, I feel close to Princess Aiko.  Her growth always reminds me of how long we have been married.


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