A beautiful couple from a happy country is in Japan now!

(I got from google images)

Now a young couple, the king and queen of Bhutan stays in Japan.  They are greatly reported in the media and their beautiful smiles are attracting Japanese.

Bhutan is famous for its GNH ‘Gross National Happiness’ index.  The country emphasizes GNH instead of GDP.  It is a small country with the population of about 700000 and from GDP point of view it’s not a rich country.  However, about 97 percent of the people think they are happy themselves!

They say that the country tells the people to follow these 3 things to become happy.  That is…

1. Don’t compare yourself with others.

2. Think about the whole society

3. Wear the native dress

The king Jigme Wangchuk looks nice, elegant and always smiles naturally.  Seeing him and his wife we can be convinced that they are from a happy country.  Also seeing their national costumes that make them charming and exotic, I thought ‘wear the native dress’ makes sence.

I have to learn how to put on a kimono more seriously to be happy at first…


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