Shiogo’s suspension bridge and a steam locomotive

This bridge is located in Shizuoka prefecture.  It is the longest suspension bridge (the length: 220m) across Oi river.  It is famous because you can see an SL running below.

It swung so much when people were walking on that a family before us gave up.

A steam locomotive suddenly appeared over there.  I found my location was not so great to take good shots of the train.  But I was too scared to run on the bridge.  That’s why a chic SL looks small in these pictures below:(

Maybe this is the first time for me to see a running steam locomotive directly.  Though I am not a railway geek (there are many in Japan.), I was excited.  This area has not only this but also hot spring spas and natural beauty.

★ If you have a chance to come to Shizuoka, it is a good spot!


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