Japanese style garden, Koishikawa Korakuen

Korakuen is located close to Tokyo Dome.  It is an urban oasis both for people and birds.

This garden was built by Mitsukuni Tokugawa.  He was the grand son of the first shogun ‘Ieyasu Tokugawa’ of the Tokugawa shogunate.  Mitsukuni is well-known as a great feudal lord.  The name of the garden means ‘the garden to enjoy after people’.  Because he was impressed with Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher, saying like that ‘The lord always has to be cautious and can relax only after the people.

During the Edo period, so many gardens were built by feudal lords in order to entertain Shogun, other lords, and aristocrats.  They tried to reproduce  scenic spots and the scenes from famous poems.  They wanted to show their sophistication by their gardens.

Japanese gardens built especially by feudal lords usually have a big pond.  They were designed so that the visitors can enjoy each scene and device walking around the pond.

Koishikawa Korakuen is a good sample to enjoy this style.

★★ it is nice when you want an urban oasis and a Japanese style garden.


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