Chu-hai, Japanese light cocktail

Chu-hai is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Japan.  It is a sparkling cocktail of spirits and soda or juice.  You can see a variety of canned Chu-hai in super markets and convenience stores.  Chu-hai may be as much ordered as beer in Japanese-style taverns, Izakaya.  The alcohol content is low at about 5 percent.

I tried a can of Chu-hai which was newly released by a major Japanese beverage maker Suntory.  It was diluted by apple juice.  It’s tasty.  As I drank it like a soft drink, I got slightly tipsy.

By the way, compared to foreigners, Japanese tend to get drunk very easily.  The reason is half of the Japanese genetically don’t have a sort of enzyme(ALDH) to digest alcohol or have only a few.


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