Fruit is a best gift. Melon, Square water melon, and…

Fruits may be regarded as one of the best gifts in Japan.  Nobody doesn’t like fruits.  Each fruit producer makes great efforts to make their products popular and prestigious.  Melon has had a long-established fame as the king of fruit.  Especially ‘Yubari malon’ is a very famous brand.  This brand melon is usually priced for more than 10000 yen (about 120 US dollars now).  Besides melon, other fruit farmers try to follow suit to attract people.  Water melon farmers in Kagawa prefecture developed a ‘square water melon’ a few years ago so that it can fit into the refrigerator more easily.  It surprised people.

甘くない“箱入り娘”1万円 四角いスイカの出荷始まるIt’s said not to be tasty but popular as a gift.  The price is more than 10000 yen.

Recently, I won the catalogue of fruits in a neighborhood lottery event.  This type of catalogue is common in Japan.  You can choose one you like in the catalogue for free.  Selecting only one was very difficult but lots of fun!  I spent much time choosing.  Finally I decided on a mango produced in Miyakojima.  This is also a big brand many people dream.

 It was big, sweet and juicy!  I really realized fruit is one of the most pleasant gifts..


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