Hitsumabushi, the food to savor unagi

Unagi, eel is the delicacy of summer in Japan.  It is regarded as the source of stamina.  Because it is rich in vitamin A and B.  Although the summer in Japan is very hot, humid and tough to overcome, charcoal broiled eel is fragrant enough to increase appetite.

The typical way of eating unagi is serving charcoal broiled one on hot rice.  It is delicious and crispy.  But honestly, I get full and tired of it very soon.  So If restaurants have the menu of ‘hitsumabushi‘, I always choose it.

In the food ‘hitsumabushi’ you can enjoy eel in three ways.  First, you have it in the typical way like a picture above.  Then add condiments like minced green onions and wasabi horseradish like a picture below.

Thanks to the condiments, the taste changes a lot.  Broiled eel is originally oily, but it becomes plain. This is my most favorite part.  Finally, pour very thin soup over it.  If you have already been full, it would pass through your throat easily.

Tokyo was cool for the past few days.  But according to the weather forecast, heat will come back.  I will have to eat unagi one more time to get over it.

★★ If you have a chance, please don’t miss it.


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