The secret of Japanese longevity

As you may know, Japanese has the longest life span in the world.  The average life expectancy for Japanese men is 80, that for women is 86.  The oldest living man in the world is a Japanese.  He is 114 years old now!

Especially people in Okinawa are famous for their long life.  There are some reasons: mild weather, natural beauty and people’s easygoing personality.  But their diet is said to be the biggest reason.  A key food is ‘Go-ya’.

‘Go-ya’ is balsam pear in English.  It originates in the tropical place and has been eaten by people in Okinawa.  This vegetable is nourishing and very rich in Vitamin C.  But this has to be said that it tastes very bitter and green.  If I were a child, I would never appreciate it!  Therefore, there is a local Okinawa food to eat it deliciously.  It is called ‘go-ya chanpuru’  In this food go-ya is cooked with to-fu, egg and pork to get it milder.

Although the bitterness still remains, ‘go-ya chanpuru’ goes very well with beer!  This is the very delicacy that only adults can enjoy.  I am very glad to be able to appreciate this great combination:)


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2 Responses to The secret of Japanese longevity

  1. tokyo5 says:

    I like Okinawan food. Even goya. But I think goya is shocking to people who aren’t used to it…it has a strong taste!

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