Engakuji temple in Kamakura, you’ll find a great bonus after long stairs

Engakuji temple is regarded as the second prestigious Zen Buddhist temple in Kamakura.  It was established in 1282 by Hojo Tokimune the ruler at the time.  He wanted to spread Zen Buddhism and console the souls of victims who tried to block the invasion of Mongolian empire.

It is lush and green on the big temple grounds.  There are many attractions.  Anyway I found an interesting thing here.  That’s a shinto shrine gate.  The gate is the mouth of the long stairs to get to a big temple bell (which was designated as a national treasure). Is a shrine gate on the temple compound? This may sound strange.  Of course they are different religions.  But this is Japan.  Shrines and temples have lived in harmony here.  These two are even complementary!

It is worthwhile bothering to walk up over 100 stairs after this gate.  Because you can see a huge temple bell and more!  That is Mt.Fuji ! (if you get lucky)

I hope you can see the dim but beautiful outline of Mt. Fuji in the picture above.

★★★ very close to JR Kitakamakura station


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