Kuniyoshi: An Ukiyoe artist who makes people smile

もっと知りたい歌川国芳―生涯と作品 (アート・ビギナーズ・コレクション)

Kuniyoshi was active at almost the same time as Hokusai.  But compared to other famous Ukiyoe artists like Hokusai, Utamaro and Sharaku, he is not so well-known even in Japan.  It is so sad!

I went to the special exhibit of Kuniyoshi at Ukiyoe Ota memorial museum of Art in Harajuku yesterday.  The museum was a little crowded.  But many visitors were smiling.  Some were even chuckling.  Because his works are very humorous, witty, and charming.  Don’t you think it is rare to see people look very happy in the museum??

Of course his works are not only humorous but elaborate and beautifully colored.  He was from a family whose business was to dye kimono fabrics.  This is because he developed a good sense of color and design.  Besides, he was famous as a big cat lover and depicted many cats.  The faces of his cats are not so pretty, but they look vibrant and funny.(far from Hello Kitty-type)  It was fun to see his cats as a cat person.

ugly but funny

If you want some cheering up, his Ukiyoe art is highly recommendable.

You can see his works from this website: http://www.ukiyoe-ota-muse.jp/H230607kuniyoshi.html (Ukiyoe Ota memorial museum of Art), http://kuniyoshi.exhn.jp/


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