Nagatoro is about 2 hours’ train ride from Tokyo.  This town was introduced by Michelin green guide Japon for the first time this year.

One of the main attractions here is river rafting.  Small boats zip through Arakawa river.  Customers can enjoy it seeing natural beauty, especially big rocks designated as a natural monument.

When I rode the boat, unluckily the water level of the river was very low.  So it was not so thrilling or scary (I wanted it).  But It was fun and cool to catch summer breezes on the boat.

This is the big Torii gate of Hodosan shrine which was refurbished recently.  The main building still smells of Japanese cypress which was used for the building. It’s so fragrant and refreshing.  The inside of the gate was quiet and  sacred.  I could forget the hustle and bustle of Tokyo for a moment.

I came across a wild pheasant near Hodosan shrine like a picture above.

★★ If you have time and want a short trip to nature from Tokyo


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