Zojoji temple

Zojoji temple is located close to Tokyo tower like the picture above.  I love this landscape.  By the way, Zojoji was one of the main temples of the Tokugawa family and has the graves of 6 shogun and their wives.  Especially this year it is attracting many visitors.  Because Ogo-no-kata, the wife of the second shogun Hidetada is sleeping here and her life story is being featured on Taiga drama, very popular NHK drama series.


Also, this temple has the graves of a nice couple, the 14th shogun Iemochi and his wife KazunomiyaKazunomiya was the sister of the Emperor Komei.  She married Iemochi for the political reason.  At the time the Tokugawa goverment was losing its absolute power because of its poor handling of foreign pressure.  So it needed to keep good relations with the Imperial court that didn’t have any political power but kept a special status and respect from the public.  This was the first case that an Imperial princess became the wife of Shogun.  She hated to marry at first, but she and Iemochi finally hit it off.  Unluckly her husband died from sickness soon, but she worked to save the Tokugawa family and asked her brother not to put down it.  According to her last word, she was buried next to her husband.  Their marriage life was only 4 years…


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