garbage collection policy

Japanese have to separate their trash very finely.  In my case, Mon, Wed and Fridays are for burnable trash.  Tuesdays for paper garbage.  Thursdays for glass and PET bottles and cans.  Saturdays are for recyclable plastic garbage.  Sundays are for newspaper.

Besides, some towns tell the residents to buy plastic trash bags from them.  If your trash is not in the designated trash bags, it won’t be collected.  Also, the prices of the bags are not so low.  This policy sounds strict, but it helps to reduce garbage.


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2 Responses to garbage collection policy

  1. tokyo5 says:

    People in Japan separate their garbage and recycle…but there is one big problem with garbage collection in Japan:
    カラス (crows)!
    Japanese crows are huge…because they have no problem finding food—they pick through the bags of garbage left out every morning before the “garbage men” come.

    The silly anti-crow nets that the government gave us all to use a few years ago don’t work so well.
    I think heavy-duty plastic garbage cans for every residence (like America has) is the answer!

    • Yuki says:

      tokyo5 さん
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, Japanese crows are very big and aggressive. I sometimes see garbage strewn over the streets by them.
      Honestly, I don’t know about ‘plastic garbage cans’ you suggested. But they must work much better than that meaningless nets!!

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