Japanese herb, Shiso

Shiso, beefsteak plant is one of the most common herbs in Japan.  It is also very popular as a plant in a family garden.  Because it is very easy to grow and that particular smell keeps harmful bugs away.

Shiso is often an ingredient for ‘tenpura‘.  Besides, it is seen on the plate of ‘sashimi‘ and ‘sushi‘ as a garnish.  However, many Japanese don’t eat it when it is used as a garnish.  It is too bad!  Because shiso is very good for health.  This herb is rich in calcium, carotene, vitamins and more.  So when you are in a sushi restaurant, and you feel like you lack vegetables, shiso is very helpful.

Shiso goes well with olive oil, too.  So it is really nice for Italian food.  So yummy!


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