watching the movie ‘ The Queen’, I thought of Japan’s emperor

 It’s very late, but I finally watched the movie ‘The Queen’.  It was very interesting and surprising for me in that the movie is about the present queen of the U.K.   

This kind of movie that features the present emperor of Japan cannot be imagined in Japan.  Because many Japanese still think the emperor to be sacred, though the former emperor Showa declared he was just a human after World War 2 (The emperor had been regarded as divine by people until then).  Some gossip magazines feature his private life and write negative things about him and his family (not about their presence).  And we have to admit we are curious about those issues.  But many of us will think creating a movie about him is too much.   

Besides, the Imperial Household Agency will never approve it.  Actually this bureaucratic agency runs many ‘kofun‘ the burial mounds believed to be ancient emperors’ graves, and doesn’t allow to excavate those graves even for research. 

I wonder if Britain’s counterpart approved to create this movie nicely.  According to Wikipedia, not only many British people but also the queen Elizabeth herself liked that movie.  I wonder if this means the British monarch is more open and closer to the people.

Anyway after 3.11 earthquake the Emperor and Empress often visited shelters and they are welcomed by victims, while the Prime minister Naoto Kan and other politicians are not.


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