Zizo Boddhisattva2 (successful deity)

This statue is placed on the roof of Mitsukoshi Ginza department store.

This is also Zizo Boddhisattva.  It was unearthed about 100 years ago.  Since then it has been worshipped and loved by people in Ginza.

This is called ‘shusse zizo’ which means ‘successful Zizo’  Because it was discovered from the underground but now it is placed on the roof of Mitsukoshi (one of the landmarks of Ginza).

It is a mysterious statue.  Things like ‘when was it created?’ and ‘why was it underground’ are still not clear.  But this is very precious since it survived the Kanto great earthquake(in 1923 with over 100000 victims) and air strikes of WWⅡ, both of which destroyed and burned many histrical and traditional things in Tokyo.  

The 9th floor of Mitsukoshi is a terrace with tables and benches.  This is a rare place in Ginza because you can take a break without spending money. People tired from shopping can take a rest and see the Zizo deity here.


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