Dobutsu shogi (Animal chess)

I finally got dobutsu shogi (animal chess)!  Since it was introduced on TV last year, I have wanted it.  But it was always sold out in any toy shops for a long time.  But last Saturday I came across it in a naighborhood supermarket.

Dobutsu shogi is simplified Shogi.  Shogi is a traditional Japanese chess-like game.  But unlike in chess, captured pieces can be used by the captor in Shogi.  This rule makes Shogi much more complicated than chess.  Actually a super computer has overcome a professional shogi player just one time.

Dobutsu shogi was invented for kids.  The pieces have the pretty image of animals. That’s why ‘animal shogi’  The biggest feature is that each piece shows the directions it can go.  So anyone can understand the rule rapidly.  But the game is deeper than it seems and enjoyable for adults,too.  While playing, I feel like that I can train the part of my brain which is not used in daily life.


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