my favorite temple in Kamakura

'zizo' Boddhisattvabamboo garden

I went to 報国寺 ‘Hokokuji’ temple.  This is a Zen temple established about 700 years ago.  This temple is famous for its big bamboo garden.   The bamboo forest-like garden was filled with a fresh air.  There were many visitors, and they seemed to share the pleasant atmosphere together.  In the corner of the garden, tables and benches are set up.  Visiters can enjoy ‘maccha’ tea there while hearing the bamboos waving.


The picture under the bowls of tea is one drawn by the former head priest of the temple.  Zen buddhist monks once led the Japanese art including the tea ceremony, landscape gardening, and India ink painting.  They were not only monks but also highly cultivated people.  This drawing reminded me of that thing.

★★★ a nice place to visit in Kamakura


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