Remember the origin of Sumida river fireworks festival

At last it was decided that the SUMIDA RIVER FIREWORKS FESTIVAL would be held on August 27.  After March 11 earthquake and tsunami, many festivals and events throughout Japan were canceled or postponed. Because the idea that other people should show self-restraint  became popular while quake survivors were having a hard time. 

But the organizer of Sumida fireworks remembers the origin of the festival.  The origin was about 250 years ago. In the previous summer Edo(Tokyo) had natural disasters and so many victims.   So the 8th shogun of the Tokugawa goverment Yoshimune held the firework display to drive away evels and console the spirits of the victims.  

There are pros and cons among Japanese about maintaining self-restraint.  But I believe it’s more important for people spared from the quake to cheer up and support affected people  than to continue to mourn with them.

Last year this fiwework event attracted about 900000 people!  This year more people is expected because other similar events were decided to be canceled.


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